Hello Monday + Art Giveaways

Leaf Watercolor Seasons Hopeink

Hello to a new week and new mercies!
(aren’t you glad those mercies of His are “new every morning”?)

Speaking of mornings (and evenings),
they’re both getting much cooler here in California (finally).
and we even had a storm today …
followed by an amazing, full rainbow right out our back door.


Full Rainbow Hopeink

hello beauty (big and small) we’re surrounded by every day.

With that, here’s some snippets of lovely things from the Flea Market
I got to be a part of earlier this month,
along with some hello’s for the week (inspired by Lisa) …


you are my sunshine

hello glimpses of sunshine through the rain.



hello green growing things and gorgeous fall colors.


vintage photos

hello friends to fellowship with – old and new.
face-to-face and over the internet wires.


bakers twine

hello cozy days indoors, reading and schooling and crafting.


reclaimed wood art

hello projects for days … and the grace to accomplish them.


green ampersand

hello unexpected additions every day.
hello blessed beyond measure.


hopeink display

hello getting ready for another holiday market.
(hello where has this year gone?!)


hopeink giveaway

hello packaging up art for Jenna,
winner of the Old Town Flea Market drawing for 5 hope ink prints.
hello loving what I do.


scripture art prints hopeink

hello another giveaway just for you!

+ to enter to win five hope ink art prints of your own,
leave a comment sharing something you’re saying hello to this week.

+ for extra entries: share via twitter, facebook, pinterest or instagram (leave a separate comment for each with a link to your post)

+ + Edited to add: Winners (2!) will be announced November 19th
Extra entry also available for sharing via blog posts

hello friends!


* Giveaway now closed – thank you!!
See the winners here + a new printable for you!




  1. 51

    Shared on Pinterest:

    Saying hello to discovering your fun art!

  2. 52

    saying hello to a fresh, new week and all the opportunities it will bring!

  3. 53

    Saying hello to the trees in my yard. I marvel each day at the trees I see. But, they are just trees. Yes. However, I think what most fascinates me is the beauty of the thing that is beautiful because it is being exactly what God created it to be. A tree. It’s not trying to be a flower, or grass, or a bird. Silly, I know. But I do wonder sometimes how much more abundant my life might be if I would only surrender to being what God created me to be – me. Just me. Not you. Me. Beautiful in my own way.

    Just exactly how God created me to be.

  4. 54

    Hello to fresh, freely-given grace for every challenge and unexpected interruption! I’m so glad nothing takes God by surprise.

  5. 55

    Saying hello to freedom from schoolwork! :)

  6. 56
  7. 57

    Hello to growth. Even when it’s painful.

  8. 58

    Hello red headed humming bird gracing the feeder at my kitchen window :)

  9. 59
    Becky Eichelberger says:

    Hello to all the gorgeous Fall colors surrounding our home! :)

  10. 60

    Hello to relishing fun times with my little family

  11. 61
    Sarah ellis says:

    Saying hello to warm apple cider in the crockpot, warming up our chilly selves after soccer practice.

  12. 62

    Hello to baby-shower-planning for my sister-in-law. My parents’ very first grandbaby! =)

  13. 63

    Hello to trying to make our mornings and getting out the door to school more peaceful…and welcoming those new mercies EVERY day. Blessings to you and yours!

  14. 64

    Saying “hello” to a new chapter in life :)

  15. 65

    Shared on Facebook!

  16. 66

    Saying hello to new blessings from above each and every day…and hello to you. ;)

  17. 67

    hello cold fall-ish weather. hello getting used to being a mama of three – YIKES! hello God’s grace! hello finally a nursery corner in our room for our baby girl!

  18. 68

    Saying hello to grace upon grace… A necessity if we re going to make it thru this homeschool year! ;)

  19. 69
  20. 70
  21. 71
  22. 72

    Saying hello to creative inspiration and the freedom of life shared with others!

  23. 73
    Patty Page says:

    Saying hello to getting my garden beds ready for the winter.

  24. 74
    Nicole Holmes says:

    Hello to new freedom and being renewed by the transformation of my mind. What an amazing God we have!

  25. 75

    Hello Christmas season!!

  26. 76


  27. 78

    Hello to an awesome thanksgiving with my awesome family


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