House or Home?

house illustration hope ink

Hi friends!

How are you? How’s life?

Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been able to stop by and say hello?
To sit and really … think … for more than five minutes?

Oh, you don’t? Well, I didn’t either.

Until I looked at the dates and did some complicated calculations and realized it’s been (exactly) two months.

With the exception of semi-regular snapshots of our days on instagram, things have been pretty quiet online for me.

And, well, let’s just say … in way over my head everywhere else!

In my defense, I have one word to sum up our summer (and now fall … and probably winter too).


After 9 years in our temporary rental longest-we’ve-ever-lived-anywhere-as-a-family house, we were blessed with an amazing new-to-us house (it’s old, really, but those are the best kind, right?). It truly is a dream come true, and something that we’ve prayed about for so long. After what we refer to as our “mold-house fiasco” (hence, our need to rent for nine years), the Lord moved mountains to bring us to where we are. In countless big and small ways. It brings me to tears as I think about His faithfulness. His amazing provision.

stormy road

Faithful in every storm. And after.

So, now we’re here. In a house we hope to stay in forever …
or at least for a very long time.

log house

As you can see, there’s still moving remnants everywhere.
Which brings me back to where I started. The reason for my absence.


It’s hard.
Harder than I remember.

Of course, now we have twice as many kids as the last time we did this. Which means 10 … 20 … 40 times the stuff?

And, yes. Hard.

Making me remember how very much I need Jesus. Every day. Every minute. Apparently I reeeeally needed to be reminded that apart from Him, I can do … nothing. zero. zip.

love and faithfulness

So then I cry to Him.
And He sends His love and faithfulness.


moving boxes

Even when the house looks like this.

Especially then.

And I realize, again, that houses (rentals, or mold-infested fiascos, or dream-come-true ones) aren’t home.

No, home is wherever we are with the ones we love.

And above all – with Him.
The One who gives us life and breath and strength for each crazy-busy day.

Until He brings us HOME for keeps.

tire swing

 At that time
I will bring you

zephaniah 3.20





  1. 1

    love it. love the you.

  2. 3

    Emily, great post. I can totally relate after moving from our rented home of 12 years and our church home of the same time. We ended up moving twice in 11 months and now we’re “settled” until God moves us again. But in the midst of it I’m reminded we are not “home” yet. Thanks.

    • 4

      thanks, Matt. I know you know of what I speak ;) so grateful that He doesn’t let us get too comfortable here. even though the discomfort of it isn’t always pleasant. Hebrews 12, right?

  3. 5

    Great reminder Emily! I’m excited for your family and your new place… I remember well the blessing and hardship of moving in a family with kids! I’m thankful that God gives us place to stay here and is preparing a better place for later. Thanks for sharing!

    • 6

      sweet Abby. thank you. You and your family have always given me hope for ours … before it even came to be. and yes, thankful for the blessings here. and the joy unspeakable of what will someday be.

  4. 7
    Jane Fain says:

    Hey Emily . Needed this. Moving soon (about a week)to Auberry area and I know it will get crazy. Thanks for posting.

  5. 9

    Yes I totally agree Emily! i love your house! wish I lived there:)


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