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So happy to have you here. I'm Emily Hope, and I'm thrilled to host a little art shop, along with an ever-growing page of free printables. And when you sign up for Hope Ink news, I'll send you 2 instant downloads of printable art to brighten your day. Sweet blessings to you ♥

My Love

Beach Mark 4

Today we’re celebrating the life of the best man I’ve ever known. The fact that I got to marry him is singular evidence of God’s sweet and amazing grace.

He is kind, compassionate, and oh-so-smart. God has blessed him with wisdom and insight beyond his years, and like the man of Psalm 1, he truly delights in the law of the Lord. He also knows pretty much every baseball statistic ever recorded.

He would be the first to tell you that there’s nothing special about him or what God has enabled him to overcome. That’s because he always, only points to Jesus, the One Who gave him breath and continues to sustain him through all of life’s challenges. And because he’s just humble like that.

Every day he counsels others with the hope and grace of Scripture, pouring his heart into making a lasting difference in people’s lives now and for eternity.

The world would be a smaller, darker place without you, my love. Thank you for shining so brightly for Him. And for being incredibly handsome.


Our Choice

You Can Choose To Look The Other Way Wilberforce Quote

You may choose to look the other way,
but you can never again say that you did not know.
– William Wilberforce

Oh friends, by His grace, may we choose not to look away.

Let us choose life.
Now and always.


Speak Up.

speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves

Speak up.

For those who cannot speak
for themselves.

Ensure justice.
For those being crushed.

proverbs 31.8