My Favorite Color is Rainbow

Rainbow Kid's Coloring Sheet God's Promises Scripture

Often, my kids will ask me to draw them something to color.

Usually, they don’t have to ask twice, since I love any excuse extremely important reason to draw.

“It’s for the children,” I tell myself, even though I have a pile of “urgent” work that needs to be done.

Think of the children.”

And so I selflessly relinquish my responsibilities in order to meet the vital needs of my offspring …


So, today, I’m drawing various requests: candlesticks, high heeled shoes, hearts – you know, the usual – when the four year old breaks into my sketching reverie with this announcement:

“Mom, my favorite color is rainbow. But, if I have to pick a plain color, my favorite is purple. And red. And blue. And yellow. [insert long pause here] … And rainbow.”

Yep, I think she’s firmly planted on the road to an artistic life.

My job is done here.

Anyway, inspired by her coloring revelation, I promptly drew this for her …

Rainbow Kid's Coloring Sheet God's Promises Scripture

(Minus the pretty stripes, which I added later.)

Here’s the black and white coloring version for you and your budding Michelangelo’s (whose favorite color may or may not be rainbow).

Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds,
I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant
between God and all living creatures
of every kind on the earth.

{Genesis 9:16}

  1. This is great. My daughters favorite color is usually purple but she often times says “I just like all the colors” and my son changes his mind quite often too! I LOVE that they don’t feel they have to have a favorite color and that all colors can be the best! My husband and I have often times talked about “reclaiming” the rainbow so that it can mean what it’s suppose to mean in our society again. Thanks for the drawing, I think my kids and I will start reclaiming the rainbow in our own home tomorrow!!!

    • sorry, Jamie, just saw your comment – a year later! what in the world? glad that your kiddos love all the colors and the rainbow of God’s promises! blessings to you :)